How I cleared my skin: The truth


Bare skin


Skincare is a big thing for me. I’d say my skin was pretty good up until I left home and went to uni. Went to uni, ate tonnes of pasta, drank 0 water, slept for an average of 1 hour a night, and left my skin in turmoil. For the three years following, I suffered with acne like I had never suffered with it before. I had everything from the hormonal underskin type, to blackheads around the nose, and an insufferably oily forehead.

After countless doctor appointments and hundreds of pounds on pointless products, I decided enough was enough and paid out for a 6-month course of roaccutane. I am in no way qualified to recommend this to anyone since it can have some serious side effects (mine included severely dry lips, insomnia and mood swings), but what it did do was clear my skin. At last, I wasn’t embarrassed to leave the house, but now came the task of keeping it that way.

I’d always ummed and ahhed over facial peels since they aren’t the best for sensitive skin, but my treatment at Flawless Cosmetic changed everything. Unlike a lot of other brands, Flawless Cosmetic use a milk peel, containing lactic acid, which makes it suitable for all skin types, and a lot less likely to cause a reaction.

Here’s what happened: I was asked to arrive with no make-up, and then had my face thoroughly cleansed by the therapist. After this, the milk peel product was applied with a gentle facial brush and left on for a few minutes. I felt a slight tingling sensation, but nothing like I had expected from the horror stories I’d heard regarding facial peels. The peel was then washed off, and my lovely therapist applied a recovery balm to help soothe the skin.

Did it work? Absolutely. I hadn’t expected much from the first treatment, but even after one peel, my skin was noticeably fresher and my skin tone more even. I even noticed the fine lines around my eyes had reduced.

The team at Flawless Cosmetic recommend four sessions to really notice the difference, and I 100% intend on going back to do so. In short, if you’re looking to improve your skin but afraid of reacting/have sensitive skin, Flawless Cosmetic has the perfect solution thanks to the ingredients used and the care taken. I can’t wait to go back.


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