Everything to know about the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

What comes to mind when you think of Vegas? Casinos? Cabarets? For me, it’s the gondolas- the gondolas that are actually part of the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas. The idea of a manmade Venetian canal complete with gondolas, blue sky and striped T-shirt + beret-wearing gondoliers inside a hotel baffles me. Like, WTF. So, when we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Vegas during our trip to LA (read all about that here), AND stay at the Venetian Hotel, I was ridiculously excited. As in, couldn’t-sleep-the-night-before excited. And it was everything and more than I had expected.

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

The room

venetian hotel las vegas

Rialto Suite Venetian hotel Las Vegas

venetian hotel las vegas

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas bathroom

We stayed in the ‘Rialto Suite’ complete with two HUGE beds, a living area, TWO TVs and a MARBLE bathroom with TV FACING THE BATH. Can you tell I loved it? The beds were so comfy I could’ve stayed there allllll day, and there’s even a mini bar that comes with snacks and drinks to choose from (check the price list in the room). The view from the floor-to-ceiling windows topped it all off (even I was too excitable to take a photo).



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The food

Unfortunately I fell ill on our only full night here so didn’t get to eat out at one of the many restaurants and review them for you. But what I can tell you is that there are over 40 to choose from, while you can also request room service.

Tip: You’ll be charged a delivery fee of $9/£7 for room service, but the menu is unique, so if you prefer the food available in-room, the delivery cost is worth it since you won’t be able to find it elsewhere.


The facilities

venetian hotel las vegas

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

venetian hotel las vegas

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas pool

venetian hotel las vegas

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

Besides the fact it’s set in a manmade version of Venice with gondolas AND a canal, the Venetian hotel Las Vegas has a spa, a casino, a shopping mall, a gym, four pools, two nightclubs, a roof terrace AND an indoor beach. Seriously, you don’t even need to leave the hotel. Did I mention the hotel has its very own manmade canal? LOL I’ll stop now.



The location

I hadn’t anticipated how big Vegas actually is (it takes around 1 hour- 1.5 hours to walk the entire strip), but the Venetian hotel Las Vegas is next to all the biggest attractions. It’s literally over the road from the Bellagio- where the fountain show goes on- and is a 5-minute cab ride/15-minute walk from The Cosmopolitan (another amazing hotel with its own bar and nightclubs), Paris and all the shops. TBH, if you’d rather stay in the hotel, it’s got absolutely everything you could need when it comes to entertainment. We hardly left.




Prices vary throughout the year, but four of us paid $100 each for 2 nights in the ‘Rialto Suite’ in November. That’s $400 for the entire stay, which equates to roughly £290. This is on a room-only basis, but you can opt for a bed and breakfast package (click here to check rates).




  • Check-in is at 3pm, but unlike most hotels I’ve stayed at, the whole process was complete within five minutes. And, something I’ve never experienced at another hotel, you don’t even need to check out- just leave your room as you found it before 11am and the hotel will do the rest for you.
  • Don’t take things out of the mini bar that you don’t want. You’ll get charged if you don’t put things back within 10 seconds. Literally.
  • Have a bath. Just for the novelty of a bath in a marble bathroom with a TV. The dream.
  • Book with American Express. It’s one of the hotels that work in collaboration with American Express Travel, so you’ll get your stay at a discounted rate.
  • Go the weekend before/after Thanksgiving. Most American natives will be busy prepping/too poor to splurge on a trip after celebrating, so hotels reduce their rates.


All in all, it really was amazing, and I’d 100% recommend a stay. Comment below or email me if there’s anything else you’d like to know!

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