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I get a lot of Instagram messages from people asking questions about everything from travelling to make-up and fashion, so last week I asked you all to send me what you wanted to know so that I could put the answers into one blog post for you! A lot of you actually ended up asking the same sort of things, so I tried to answer a few in one question, but please do comment below or send me an email if there’s anything I’ve left out!


1. What’s the luckiest thing that’s happened to you while travelling?

Getting a room upgrade in Bali at Anantara Uluwatu. We had originally booked to stay in a standard room, but were upgraded to a standard suite with loads more room and a hot tub on the balcony. I had put a note on our booking asking to be upgraded if there was availability in the more luxurious rooms, and apparently there was!


2. What’s the unluckiest thing that’s happened to you while travelling?

Being sick while in Italy. We went on a road trip from Rome to Positano and then on to Sorrento for a week in August 2017. I was ill practically the entire time, which put a bit of a dampener on the trip. Of course I still had a good time, but it would definitely have been better if I’d felt myself.


3. What’s your favourite destination?

The Maldives. I know everyone says it, but the Maldives is like nothing you could ever imagine. It’s literally paradise. As soon as I got there, I forgot about everything at home and lived like a Queen for a whole 10 nights. I’d go back tomorrow if I could.


4. What’s the biggest way you save up to travel?

My top three tips for saving and extra money making are:

  1. eBay. I didn’t realise how much stuff I had that I didn’t use. I make so much money from selling old clothes/shoes/make up I never use anymore.
  2. Focus groups. I recently signed up to a few online focus groups and it’s such an easy way of making money. Some will pay up to £50 for only half an hour of your time.
  3. Plan ahead. Plan ahead with absolutely everything. Book flights are far ahead as you can. Book hotels as soon as you can. Plan exactly what you’ll spend money on and when in the run up to your trip and stick to it. It takes a lot of willpower to avoid spending (I used to spend so much money on clothes but I’m much stricter now), but it’s always worth it when I get to stay in amazing hotels and go on luxury holidays.


5. How do you keep a positive mind while saving to travel?

It’s easy! It was hard to begin with since I couldn’t be sure of how I’d enjoy the end goal, but now I’ve been on a few luxury trips, I know that as soon as the next one comes around, the saving will have all been worth it. The sacrifices I make at home are nothing compared to the amazing experiences I have while travelling.


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6. How do you afford to stay at such luxury resorts?

Save, save, save! I’ve listed my top tips for saving for luxury holidays here, but the answers to Q 4 will help too. My life in London has changed so much since I decided travelling was what I wanted to do in that I don’t spend on nights out, I don’t spend on clothes and I’m much more aware of how much I spend on the necessities like food and commuting. I check my bank account everyday to keep track of exactly what’s going in and what’s going out, and make sure I’m always budgeting the right amount to save as much as I can every month.


7. Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?

Bora Bora! If I could stay anywhere, it’d be the Four Seasons Hotel Bora Bora. I absolutely adored the Maldives, and I think Bora Bora could be even better.


8. Where in Spain would you like to go?

I’ve visited Spain a few times since it’s so close to home (I live in London) but never Barcelona. I’d love to stay at the W Hotel Barcelona– the views from the bedrooms look insane. Seville looks beautiful and great for some winter sun, too.


9. Where are you going next year?

So far, I’ve got Jamaica, Tulum, Serengeti and Cambodia planned!


10. Who do you travel with?

Mainly my boyfriend. He doesn’t like to be in my photos, but he’s become a very talented photographer…


11. How do you find the time to travel with a job?

I make use of every single holiday day and try and make sure I am always abroad. I try and travel over bank holidays too, although flights and hotels are often more expensive, but they’re handy for long haul trips where you want to spend more time but haven’t got much holiday left as it can half the time you need to book off. I’m going to Tulum for 10 nights but have only needed to take 5 days holiday since we are going over two national bank holidays.


12. What are your top holiday beauty buys?

  1. Eucerin SPF. I used to suffer with acne before I went on roaccutane but now my skin gets super dry when I go in the sun. Eucerin is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog my pores, but also protects me from the sun. I use the non SPF version at home in London, too.
  2. Bare Minerals original powder foundation. I don’t like heavy base foundations, and bare minerals is perfect for a light finish with just enough coverage. I finish with Bare Minerals all-over warmth colour when I’m on holiday and have a tan to match.
  3. L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture mascara. I wear this everyday without fail, but it’s even more important when I’m on holiday and don’t like to wear much on the face. It’s only £12.99 and it’s honestly the best mascara I’ve ever used. I use the waterproof version on holiday so I can swim and go in the sea, and curl my lashes before and afterwards with the Shu Emura lash curler.


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13. What hair appliances do you take with you when you travel?

It depends whether I’m going somewhere hot or cold. If it’s hot, the key is to get a smooth base before using any heat. I love Aveda’s sun care protective hair veil. I put it on damp hair and leave to dry naturally- sometimes it’s smooth enough to leave as it is- but if not, it makes a great base for straightening. I always take my ghd straighteners but have actually been looking into buying the wide iron to get a looser wave. I don’t like super straight hair on beach holidays, so I try and create loose waves by sectioning bigger bits of hair with the straighteners.

My hair tends to go a lot frizzier in colder temperatures, so I use a much thicker serum- ghd’s smooth and finish hair serum. Again, I apply it to my hair while it’s still damp and it makes it a lot less frizzier once dry. I use the same ghd straighteners on city breaks and colder holidays, but I also take my cloud nine hair curling tongs. They’re great for all types of curls but again, I section out bigger bits of hair for looser waves.


14. How do you stay healthy on holiday?

It’s not for everyone, but I always make sure I go to the gym on holiday. I won’t go for long- about 30 mins a day- but it makes me feel so much better, and the gyms usually have amazing views, which make working out a lot easier. If it’s not too hot, I’ll sometimes go for a run along the beach, too. When it comes to food, I try and choose the healthier options like fish and veg or any plant-based options- the beach destinations I go to tend to have lots of fresh organic food on offer, so it’s not too hard to stick to.


Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know!

BW x



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