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copenhagen hotels

Manon Les Suites Copenhagen

Unless you suffer with the cold as much as I do and the temperature drops below freezing (exaggeration no.1) to the point where you can’t open your eyes without crying (exaggeration no.2) so you have absolutely no option but to go and seek refuge in your room for the foreseeable future (exaggeration no.3), you probably won’t spend much time in your hotel on a city break. What I just described is what happened when I went to New York- blame me for bringing the World’s Thinnest Coast (exaggeration no.4). Anyway, my latest city break to Copenhagen wasn’t cold, nor was I forced to stay in my room, but my hotel was so bloody nice that I happily would have. I stayed at Manon Les Suites– part of the Guldsmeden Hotel group- and it was by far the best city hotel I’ve stayed in (and best of all Copenhagen hotels I’ve ever come across). Here’s everything you need to know:

Manon Les Suites

The room

copenhagen hotels

Manon Les Suites Copenhagen

copenhagen hotels

Manon Les Suites Copenhagen

copenhagen hotels

Manon Les Suites Copenhagen

You can choose from a small suite with private terrace, a family suite, a standard suite or a small suite. We chose a small suite and it was more than enough. It came complete with a huge double bed (and the world’s comfiest mattress), two large sofas, two LCD TVs, a kitchen area with kettle and sink and a bathroom with walk-in shower. Being an eco hotel, the décor is all very rustic- every bed comes with wooden four-poster frame.


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The food

copenhagen hotels

Manon Les Suites Copenhagen

Where do I begin?! The hotel works on a room-only basis, so you’ll have to pay for breakfast (£20 each) and any other meals on top of your room rate. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that I’m big on breakfast, and the menu at Manon Les Suites is one of my new faves. Food is served in the Jungle Fish restaurant on the top floor, and breakfast is an all-organic buffet including everything from chia pudding, recycled bread muesli, smoked salmon, chilli scrambled eggs, ginger shots and almond milk coffees. We didn’t end up eating lunch or dinner at the hotel, but the menu offers everything from smørrebrøds (open sandwiches- a Danish speciality), to salads and burgers.



The facilities

copenhagen hotels

Manon Les Suites Copenhagen

copenhagen hotels

Manon Les Suites Copenhagen

This is rare for Copenhagen hotels, but the pièce de résistance of Manon Les Suites has to be the pool. It’s in the centre of the building, open until 10pm and- bonus- is heated. We stayed over a weekend and it never got too busy- I had the whole pool to myself on a Sunday morning.

Again, you won’t find many of these in Copenhagen hotels, but if you’re into your fitness, Manon Les Suites’ Jungle Fish gym is also quite possibly the best gym I’ve ever seen. It’s got literally every single machine/weight/piece of equipment you can think of, plays music so good you won’t even need headphones, and is so big you’ll never have to share space with anyone else. Make sure you check opening times- they’re the same throughout the week from 6.30am-10pm, but Saturdays and Sundays vary.



The location

Every single landmark is within 20 minutes walking distance from the hotel. Here’s the exact distances from Copenhagen’s most popular attractions:

Workers Museum 0.4 miles

Nørreport S-Train Station 0.4 miles

Gammeltorv 0.5 miles

Hans Christian Andersen Fairy-Tale House 0.5 miles

Copenhagen City Hall 0.5 miles

Danish Design Centre 0.5 miles

Copenhagen Central Station 0.5 miles

Tivoli Gardens 0.5 miles

Copenhagen Christmas Market 0.6 miles

Rundetaarn 0.6 miles




Price varies for all Copenhagen hotels throughout the year, but for a weekend at Manon Les Suites from Saturday morning- Monday night in October, we paid £190 a night on a room-only basis.



Copenhagen hotels booking tips

  • Book via You won’t need to pay until you leave the hotel after your stay, and you’ll have free cancellation up until a week before departure date.



Copenhagen flights booking tips

  • Book via Skyscanner. I signed up to price alerts and managed to get flights for £62 return.
  • Be open to using various departure airports and airlines- we flew from Stansted with RyanAir and back to Gatwick with Norwegian Air. It can keep the cost down as long as you’re happy to make two separate payments and do two separate check-ins.


See? When I said it was the best Copenhagen hotel, I really meant it- just comment below or send me an email if you have any more questions! I’ll be posting more about things to do, see, where to eat and what I wore in Copenhagen over the next few weeks.

BW x


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