What I wore in Los Angeles

It’s 1am. There are only three things that keep me up this late: 1) outfit planning 2) trip planning and 3) blog writing. This time it’s blog writing about outfit planning because, don’t judge, I spent a whole month deciding what to wear to LA and it would K-I-L-L me to let all that go to waste. (This will probably bore some of you sh**less, so please take this opportunity to get the hell outta here and back to my travel page). Still interested? Ok.

I spent 5 whole days in LA (we ended up taking a spontaneous trip to Vegas for the other 2- more of that later), which meant 5 outfits. Obvs I’m an organisation freak so I planned exactly what we were doing each day (you can see my LA itinerary here), which helped when it came to deciding what to wear. The weather made the whole thing a lot less stressful too- LA is sunny pretty much all year round, while the temp stays within the 20s (degrees C) no matter what the month. When I went in November, it was roughly 25degrees C and bright sunshine the entire time i.e. bare legs. In November. Yep, there is a God. So before I send you all to sleep, here’s what I decided on.



Day 1


Denim jacket, £56, BDG at Urban Outfitters

T-shirt, £8.99, H&M

Neckerchief, £6, ASOS

Yellow bag, £39.50, M&S

Denim skirt, £29, Topshop

Boots, £89, Topshop



Day 2

things to do in los angeles

Dress, £42, Topshop

Boots, £89, Topshop

Bag, £45.99, Zara

Watch, £89.10, Abbott Lyon at John Lewis



Day 3

Dress, £24.99, H&M

Sunglasses, £15.99, Zara

Belt, £10, ASOS

Boots, £89, Topshop



Day 4

Shirt, £28, River Island

Shorts, £20, ASOS

Bag, £45.99, Zara

Sandals, £20, Boohoo

Sunglasses, £165, Dolce & Gabbana



Day 5

Dress, £45, ASOS



Hope you liked it! Comment below or email me if you want to know anything more about my outfits- I’ll be doing the same for what I wore in Las Vegas next week!

BW x


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