Saving for luxury holidays: All your questions answered

Velassaru Maldives

Velassaru Maldives

Sunglasses | Sold out from Prada, £95; similar, £225, Gucci

Bikini | £15, Missguided

Hat | £14, ASOS


If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve seen my interview with the Daily Mail. (If so, you can subscribe to my blog on the right hand-side of my homepage here– no spam, promise.) Since the article went live, I’ve had a lot of questions about my travels, how I save, how I find bargains, and where I’ve been, so I thought it might be useful to share the full interview. If there’s still questions left unanswered once you reach the end, you can find my contact details here or comment below- I’ll respond ASAP 🙂

How do you save?

I sacrifice a lot- food, rent, social life and commute costs- in order to travel as much as I can. I opt for cheaper foods such as tinned fish and veg, and walk half the way to work to make my commute cheaper. Some people would find that outrageous but in my mind, we could all die tomorrow and then what would the point of saving be? I believe that with age comes more responsibility and more outgoings, so now is a better time than ever to get out there and see the world. There’s a quote I like to keep in mind: “Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.” -St. Luke.

How has travel changed your life?

Travel has changed everything. I absolutely love seeing new parts of the world. I’m a lot more confident (I’ve flown alone multiple times and I’m only 23, while I’ve also been on a week’s trip alone), I’ve seen places and done things I never thought I would and I’m so excited to see what else is out there. When I’m not travelling or working, I spend most of, if not all, of my waking hours researching where else to go. The world is a beautiful place.

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What have you given up to travel?

I used to be big on nights out, but now it seems a waste of money when I could be making memories that last a lifetime. I used to spend a lot on clothes too, but again, they don’t come with stories and memories like travelling does. When you love something as much as I do travelling, you don’t question what you’ve sacrificed, and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

Velassaru Maldives

Velassaru Maldives 2017

Sunglasses | Sold out from Prada, £95; similar, £225, Gucci

Bikini | £15, Missguided

What are your luxuries?

Hotels. If I’m going to go all out, I’ll go all out. Travelling is a time for me to truly escape and live like there’s no tomorrow, and luxury resorts allow me to do exactly that. I save as much as possible while I’m in the UK so that I can afford to do this, and it’s always worth it. I’ve never had a bad experience.

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Do you find travel bargains and how?

I book as far ahead as possible to keep costs low. You can get some really good advance booking deals on hotels, and flights are always cheaper if you book ahead. I booked my Maldives trip on Black Friday, which saved a huge amount of money.

What’s been your best trip to date and why?

My best trip has definitely been to Velassaru Maldives. It was on another level of luxury. Sure, it was expensive- a pizza came in at around $25- but it was worth every single penny. The moment I arrived, I felt like I was dreaming. The water is crystal clear, the beaches are pure white, the villa was amazing. It’s the one place where you can truly switch off. I can’t believe a place like that even exists.

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Sorrento 2017

Sorrento 2017

Swimsuit | Sold out, £25.99, Zara; Similar, £23, Forever 21

Sunglasses | Sold out, £15.99, Zara; Different colour, £15.99, Zara

Where next?

I’ll be taking a city break to Copenhagen in October, then LA in November, and Tulum, Mexico in March. I’d travel every month if I could. I’ve seen parts of the world I never would if I didn’t take the risk in spending the large part of my wages on hotels and flights. My family and friends think I’m mad for restricting myself as much as I do back in the UK, but I’d like to think that sharing my experiences (and how I achieve them) will inspire others to stop being complacent and take the leap. You don’t know what you’re missing until you try it, and you’ll never look back. I haven’t.

What’s your dream destination?

My dream destination would be Bora Bora. The Four Seasons resort would be the dream. It’s the type of place you go to and know that absolutely everything is taken care of. A total escape.


So there we have it. Again, if you’ve still got questions, comment below or send me an email! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

BW x



  1. Adam & Sammy
    28/09/2017 / 5:30 pm

    Hello Bridie,

    I hope this email finds you well. You have given us a true insight on how it’s possible to make the most of life by sacrificing several things. We would love to follow in your footsteps – by all means not copying…. but to see the world at least. How do you fit travelling in with work? Are you your own boss? What advice would you give to people who work for a company to travel as much as possible in between? What destination(s) would you recommend for someone who is just beginning?

    I sure hope to hear from you if it’s at all possible.

    Thank you
    Adam & Sammy

    • 29/09/2017 / 9:14 am

      Hey Adam & Sammy,

      Thanks so much for your message! So exciting that you want to travel too! So, when it comes to work, I still have a full time job and am allowed 25 days holiday a year. I make sure I make the most of weekends and bank holidays as much as I can- where do you live? Being in Europe, there are plenty of countries within a few hours reach so it’s not too far to go on a weekend. I tend to fly on Friday night and back on Sunday night. Depending on your national holidays, some allow you to fit in very long trips and only require a few days holiday (in the UK, we have Easter bank holidays over a friday and monday and then more a few weeks later at the end of the month). As for where to start out, there are plenty of places to visit in Europe- Ibiza (I’ll have a blog post coming soon) is amazing, as is Paris (I’ve already posted my guide to a trip here!). Feel free to email me if you have any more questions but hopefully this’ll help a little 🙂 Thanks again for reading and enjoy your travels!!! x

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