Amalfi Coast restaurants: The best of the best

Ciao bella! Hai fame? That means ‘are you hungry’ in Italian (cheers Google). I ask because while I’ve already touched upon where to eat in my 7 day Italian road trip guide, this post focuses solely on the very best Amalfi Coast restaurants, so if you’re not hungry now I guarantee you will be in roughly five minutes. Another warning; if you’ve not already visited the country, this will definitely make you want to go. I promise you won’t regret it.

Amalfi Coast restaurants: Sorrento

L’Antica Trattoria

L'Anticca Trattoria Sorrento

L’Anticca Trattoria, Sorrento

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Where: Sorrento. In the centre of the town.

Food: Seafood.

What to eat: We went at lunchtime and my boyfriend had the tasting menu while I, being my fussy self, chose à la carte. Fussy paid off though, because this way by far my favourite meal of the trip. I had tuna medallions to start and cod for main and the tuna was to die for- I’d go back just for that.

L'Anticca Trattoria Sorrento

Tuna medallions starter, L’Anticca Trattoria Sorrento

L'Anticca Trattoria Sorrento

Seafood pasta main, L’Anticca Trattoria Sorrento

L'Anticca Trattoria Sorrento

Cod fish main, L’Anticca Trattoria Sorrento


Setting: Put it this way: I’d happily have spent an entire day here without eating anything. See for yourself…


L'Antica Trattoria Sorrento

L’Antica Trattoria Sorrento

L'Antica Trattoria Sorrento

L’Antica Trattoria Sorrento


Cost: The lunchtime tasting menu cost €19.50 for three courses, while my à la carte choices were roughly €20 per course. I’d recommend going for the tasting menu- click here to download- but if you’re a fish fan like me, you have to try the tuna medallion starter.



Amalfi Coast restaurants: Positano

Casa e Bottega

Casa e Bottega Positano

Casa e Bottega, Positano


Where: Roughly a 10-minute walk up the hill from the centre.

Food: Healthy.

What to eat: I won’t lie- we went three times and I had the same thing every single time. I’m a creature of habit, ok?! Said thing involves avocado cream cucumber rolls with walnuts, almond flakes and a whole load of other green goodness. I did switch up the smoothie choice though, and can confirm each and every one was delicious. Greens not your thing? There’s a healthy take on chicken nuggets or pizza on offer, too.


Casa e Bottega Positano

Avocado and cucumber roll salad, Casa e Bottega Positano


Setting: An all-white indoor café featuring large bookshelves and rustic seating.

Cost: Average for Positano- a large salad cost €15, while smoothies were around €8 each. Sounds expensive, but it’s actually pretty pretty good-going for Positano.


Ristorante Next2

Ristorante Next2, Positano

Ristorante Next2, Positano

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Where: Five minutes further up the hill from the town centre than Casa e Bottega.

Food: Mediterranean.

What to eat: Seafood, seafood and more seafood. I hadn’t realised how much seafood I ate on this trip until now. LOL. Anywho, the seafood here probably tops the lot (bar L’Antica Trattoria’s tuna obvs), which isn’t hard to believe considering it’s got a Michelin star. I had the seafood selection to start and monkfish for main, while my boyfriend had prawns to start and seafood selection for main. Both were absolutely divine.


Ristorante Next2 Positano

Seafood selection starter, Ristorante Next2 Positano

Ristorante Next2 Positano

Seafood selection main, Ristorante Next2 Positano

Ristorante Next2 Positano

Prawn and tomato salad starter, Ristorante Next2 Positano

Setting: Outdoors on the side of the main Positano road. Sounds strange, but it means you get a view of the town, while the floral décor makes it all the more romantic.

Cost: Approx €100 per head for three courses and one glass of wine each. Don’t be put off- the portions might be small, but the service, taste and setting are worth every penny.



Amalfi Coast restaurants: Seiano


Where: Grand Hotel Angioleri, 10 minutes drive from Sorrento.

Food: Italian.

What to eat: It’s got a Michelin star, so a tasting menu comes as standard. You’ll get an ‘antipasto’ at first (an amuse bouche of sorts), followed by four/five courses including everything from the freshest pasta you’ll ever taste, to the most flavoursome chicken in the world. And I don’t exaggerate…

Course two: ‘Fruits of the garden’


Setting: Tables in front of the greatest sunset in all the land. I was (kind of) kidding when I said I didn’t exaggerate above, but I’m honestly not when I say I witnessed the clearest sunset here than I ever have. We made sure to get a table early enough to see it go down and it made the whole night.



Cost: €125 per person. Again, it was well worth it, but if you’d rather not spend so much, you can ask for the à la carte option offering main courses for around €30 each. You’ll still get the same service (I basically became best friends with the waiter within about ten mins) and setting.


Hungry? Thought so. While you’re in the mood, check out my top healthy brunch spots in London here. Where’s your favourite place to eat?

BW x


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